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All About LoveCassy

LoveCassy started as an idea for a range of stylish, natural, affordable maternity and nursing clothing, by a newly pregnant mum-to-be who came to the realisation that nothing on the UK market quite offered what she was looking for. Her dream was to set up her own maternity clothing business with stylish and cute pieces. Soon after that, she designed her first maternity styles and started looking for maternity clothes producer. This is how it all began.

That mum-to-be now has a beautiful daughter and this clothing brand is named after her.

Our great range of maternity wear offers comfortable and chic options for pregnancy, and our nursing clothes collection ensures that the style continues well after baby is born. When designing our maternity clothes we look at what’s fashionable and add to it our own touch, while keeping in mind the comfort of the pregnant mums-to-be. We produce both affordable and trendy pieces, choosing high quality fabrics, interesting patterns and fun colours. We are passionate about natural materials and always try to select for our designs either cotton or viscose, which both feel great on the skin, with that velvety touch. We want our pieces to be accessible to everyone. Our mission is to help pregnant women look stylish and at the same time remain comfortable throughout the whole pregnancy. We want to ensure that our trendy selection of cute and comfortable maternity tops and dresses will give you a great satisfaction. Our occasion/party blue maternity maxi dress will make you look fashionable and elegant on the sunny summer day. However if you need something more casual you should go for the stripe maternity dress, which you can wear at any time of the year. The stripe tops will look lovely with black maternity legging or jeans. If you are looking for a nursing top, our pink and white tops are an absolute must! Specially designed to make breastfeeding easy during these days when you are out and aboot with your baby.

Order online today and have your new maternity clothes delivered direct to your door, from LoveCassy – because pregnant women know the difference.

    Justyna Sperryn

    Justyna is the creative force in charge of product design, selection and manufacturing for LOVECASSY

    Justyna Sperryn
Stylish Natural Maternitywear
Because pregnant women know the difference

Natural fabrics

We know that a woman's senses are heightened during pregnancy, so we've made sure that all our clothes are made from natural materials and feel great on your skin.


Careful material selection and attention to detail during manufacturing ensure that we can offer a high quality product at a similar or better price than the competition.