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Fashionable and Affordable Maternity Tops

At LoveCassy we are passionate about designing stylish, comfortable and affordable clothing for mums to be. Our maternity top designs are lovingly created using fabrics of the highest quality and feature sophisticated patterns and colours to match the latest trends.

Dress up or down with comfortable and stylish additions to your wardrobe, our maternity tops and nursing tops are made using soft, stretch cotton which feels fantastic on your skin. These versatile tops are designed to grow with your new curves whilst ensuring that you remain comfortable and elegant throughout the duration of your pregnancy.

Nursing tops are essential during those precious first months whilst you bond with your baby. They provide easy access which is ideal if you plan to breastfeed, especially if you’re out and about. Take a look at our range of nursing and maternity tops which are available in a variety of shapes, prints and colours. Choose from V-neck or round-neck designs to suit your style and continue to enjoy effortless fashion both before and after your new baby is born.